Continuation der Nürbergischen Hesperidum Johann Christoph Volkamer (Volckamer): Continuation der Nürbergischen Hesperidum
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Continuation der Nürbergischen Hesperidum oder Fernere gründliche Beschreibung der edlen Citronat -, Citronen - und Pomeranzen - Früchte, wie solche in selbiger und benachbarten Gegend, recht mögen eingesetzt, gewartet, erhalten und fortgebracht wedren...


Johann Christoph Volkamer (Volckamer)

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I/2 II. 8a


Nürnberg, Johann Christoph Volkamer 1713

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A description and illustration of citrus fruits. This botanic book is based on the Greek mythological accounts of the golden apple of Hesperid.
However, this book does not only contain information on flowers and fruits. It contains descriptions of the Nuremberg countryside, as well as views and artistic views of the Nuremberg gardens.

The word “Hesperides“ is also a synonym for the era of the blossom garden culture from approximately 1650 to the 18th century.

Many illustrations were the work of both the author and his brother, whilst fourteen, were signed by Paul Decker the Elder (1677 - 1713) and yet others were signed by the latter’s son by the same name. Finally, J.C. Steinberg, Joseph á Montalegre and several others were responsible for illustrations.

The book consists of 255 pages of content, 8 pages with a table of contents, 1 page of “errat“ (errors) and 18 pages of additional material named:
“OBELISCUS CONSTANTINOPOLITANUS oder kurze Erklärung des zu Konstantinopol auf dem Renn - Bahn stehenden….. von J. V.C.“

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